Liver Cancer & Metastases

Malignant lesions in the liver can either have started in the liver or it may consist of cancer cells from a tumor in other areas of the body which have migrated and grown inside the liver. Your specialists at The Liver Centre WA will establish the type and stage of liver malignancy. Our team of hepatologists and surgeons are among the most experienced in Australia for treating liver tumours. Whatever your personal situation, you can count on us to provide excellence in care, support, kindness and a definitive commitment to never give up on your health.

Liver Metastases

Liver malignancies is often secondary and this means that the cells found in the tumour are not actually liver cells. They are cells of a cancer from another area in the body which have migrated to the liver via the blood. These types of lesions are called a “metastasis” (or metastases if plural). The most frequent cancers to be complicated by liver metastases are the cancers of the colon and rectum. In some patients only one metastasis will exist in one side of the liver; in others multiple metastases of different sizes will exist in both sides of the liver. The latter situation often requires combinations of treatments. 

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With liver malignancies, it is essential to obtain a clear diagnosis as soon as possible. If the lesion is a metastasis of a cancer from another area of the body, then a number of tests is essential to obtain the most detailed information about your situation. The treatment of these conditions may involve different medical and surgical specialties.

If your doctor has suggested that you may be at risk of liver cancer, then it is important to come to a specialist clinic such as The Liver Centre WA. Based on our many years of experience in Perth our team of specialist liver surgeons and hepatologists have comprehensive surgical and clinical experience and use this expertise to deliver a clear diagnosis. We then discuss the most effective and comfortable personal treatment plan adapted to your needs. That’s because we believe you deserve personal care, support and kindness as you go through this process.

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At The Liver Centre WA we work as a team of expert surgeons, as well as hepatologists, gastro-enterologists and accredited dietitians.


Liver surgery and associated treatments

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Hepatocellular Carcinoma

This type of liver cancer starts in the liver and it is more common in men than in women, usually over the age of 50. In these cases, liver cancer is caused by long-term cirrhosis (scarring of the liver) or damage caused by Hepatitis B or C (a viral infection), chronic liver inflammation, alcohol abuse, or an excess of iron in the body.
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We know that a suggestion or a formal diagnosis of liver cancer can heavily impact your life, and the lives of your loved ones. That’s why, as a team of liver specialists (hepatologists and liver surgeons as well as dietitians), we go out of our way to work out the best possible treatment plan. Our specialists are among the most experienced in Australia for treating liver cancer so you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

Your surgeons

Mr Suresh Navadgi & Prof Luc Delrivière

Your liver physicians

Prof Gary Jeffrey & Dr Michael Wallace


This is a type of liver cancer that originates in the bile ducts. The condition is also called bile duct cancer, and is rather uncommon. There are a few types of cholangiocarcinoma, depending on the exact location of the cancer in the bile ducts. Symptoms may include jaundice, itchy skin, fatigue and abdominal pain, as well as white coloured substances in the stool.

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If there is any concern or a suggestion that you may suffer from this type of liver cancer, then please discuss your situation with our team of experienced hepatologists and liver specialists. Based on their many years experience and commitment to providing excellence in care, they will be able to help you at the earliest convenience. Once you have a clear diagnosis, our specialist doctors will help you make decisions about the best possible treatment plan.



It is important to eat well before, during and after your treatment. As part of your initial assessment, your dietitian may conduct nutritional screening before you start your treatment. It helps to optimise your recovery and it helps maintain your strength and energy as best as possible during your treatment. Good nutrition can also help you to fight infections by enhancing your immune system and can also help to repair damaged cells and heal wounds.  At The Liver Centre WA we work together as a team to help you manage any cancer treatment related side effects: poor appetite, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, constipation, taste changes, fatigue, dry mouth or reflux for example. If you have any concerns about your nutrition at any stage of your treatment then see your dietitian at The Liver Centre WA in Perth for personalised advice.

Dietary advice is one of the examples of how we integrate the expertise of our specialist team members, to support and help you in all areas of your treatment journey: support, care, kindness, expert surgery and excellent aftercare and follow up. That’s because at The Liver Centre WA in Perth, we never give up on your health.


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