Pancreas Surgery

Pancreas surgery may be the recommended treatment option if you have been diagnosed with a pancreas condition. At The Liver Centre WA in Perth, we will first help you organise the necessary tests to obtain a clear diagnosis. Our role is to offer you expert surgery, clear communication and genuine care, organising and planning your pancreas surgery and assisting you with your recovery.

Distal Pancreatectomy

The pancreas is an elongated, gland that sits behind the stomach. Its anatomy is divided in  several parts: the head, the body and the tail. The head starts in the middle of the abdomen, the body is the middle part and the tail end resides in the upper left part of the abdomen, where it is very close to the spleen.  

pancreas surgery

Distal pancreatectomy is an operation where the tail of the pancreas is removed surgically. In situations where the tumour or cyst is precancerous or cancerous, your surgeon at The Liver Centre WA may advise removing the spleen together with the tail of pancreas (distal pancreatectomy and splenectomy, also called an en-bloc resection).  

pancreas surgery

This is done to maximise the chances of removing all cancerous or precancerous cells. In most cases, the artery and vein of the spleen are intertwined with the tail of the pancreas and it is just not possible to remove one without removing the other. This surgery can be performed laparoscopically or as an open operation if the access by key hole surgery is difficult.

If the condition is benign and the anatomy is favorable then your surgery might only involve the removal of the tail of the pancreas, without a splenectomy (spleen removal). This type of surgery is sometimes called a “spleen preserving distal pancreatectomy”.

Resection of the head of the pancreas (Whipple's procedure)

pancreas surgery

The removal of the head of the pancreas, called Whipple’s surgery, cannot be performed in private hospitals, however our specialists can assess your need for that surgery and collaborate with our colleagues in tertiary hospitals to organise your operation.

You need expert care and advice, as well as a team of experienced surgeons to prepare and plan your pancreas surgery. If you need a clear diagnosis in regards to the condition of your spleen and your pancreas, it is recommended to be in touch with our team of specialist doctors and surgeons. Our team will go out of their way to book you in at the earliest convenience, to provide clarity and care before, during and after your treatment.

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At The Liver Centre WA we work as a team of expert surgeons, as well as hepatologists, gastro-enterologists and accredited dietitians.


Pancreatic disorders

Learn more about pancreatic disorders at The Liver Centre.

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Surgery for chronic pancreatitis

If you need surgery for chronic pancreatitis, the team at The Liver Centre WA in Perth makes use of many years of surgical experience. It’s important to see a team of experienced specialist doctors to get clarity about your condition. Pancreatitis is usually diagnosed through blood tests and x-rays and our team will go out of their way to organise your tests for you at the earliest convenience. This is important, because chronic pancreatitis leads to a slow destruction of the pancreas, caused by digestive enzymes. Often, chronic pancreatitis is linked to alcohol abuse.  At The Liver Centre WA we provide professional and caring support to prepare, plan and perform your pancreatitis surgery, and you can count on our commitment to kindness and care at any stage of your treatment journey.

pancreas surgery

Surgery for pancreatic cysts

Pancreatic cysts may require surgery if they cause symptoms or contain cancerous cells. If your pancreatic cysts are diagnosed as benign, then they may not require surgery unless they start growing or manifesting symptoms at a later stage. Your surgeon at The Liver Centre WA will discuss a treatment plan that includes careful surveillance of pancreatic cysts, using CT scans or - in some cases - endoscopic ultrasound. 

pancreas surgery

Sometimes it may be too complicated or risky for the procedure to be done by endoscopy and open surgery is necessary.

pancreas surgery

At The Liver Centre WA, we build on the extensive experience of our leading surgeons and specialist doctors, to develop a personalised and customised treatment plan. It’s also our mission to provide excellence in surgical and clinical outcomes, and at the same time give you comfort, kindness, care and support as you prepare for treatment.


Why choose The Liver Centre WA?

When you need expert surgery, you want to get help that integrates all the knowledge that is available in this area, and you want your surgical team to be experienced and up to date with the latest technology. This is why we work as a team, of leading general surgeons, liver surgeons, and experts in pancreatic conditions. At The Liver Centre WA in Perth, you will benefit from the many years of experience of each of our surgeons in this area. Equally important is our care about your wellbeing as a patient. That’s why, as a team of health professionals, we commit 100% to look after your wellbeing.   

If you have any questions about pancreas surgery, please do not hesitate get in touch with our friendly receptionists and we will be happy to help you.


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