Liver Cysts

A specialist diagnosis is required to define the nature of liver cysts, before any treatment can be planned. At The Liver Centre WA in Perth, you are in good hands.  We are an experienced team of hepatologists, liver surgeons and dietitians and we develop effective treatment plans for liver treatment and liver disease. This is an overview of the different types of liver cysts.

Parasitic liver cysts

Parasitic liver cysts can be due to a form of encapsulated abscess in which live parasites have been isolated. Most often, in Australia this parasite is called echinococcus. These cysts are also called hydatid cysts.  Parasitic liver cysts can be caused by food contamination in country areas. 

liver cysts

The treatment is most often medical and we collaborate with our infectious disease specialists to start you on a medication called Albendazole. In some instance due to the size of the cyst and a high risk of rupture, surgery is recommended. Other types of tropical parasites can infect the liver but do not create these types of cysts. 

Our expert specialists and surgeons at The Liver Centre WA will apply their many years experience helping our Perth based patients with liver conditions, to plan your treatment. The Liver Centre WA is led by WA’s leading liver surgeon Prof Luc Delrivière and our whole team works together to create the best possible outcomes and to provide you with excellent care and support.

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At The Liver Centre WA we work as a team of expert surgeons, as well as hepatologists, gastro-enterologists and accredited dietitians.


Liver surgery and associated treatments

Learn more about liver surgery and associated treatments at The Liver Centre WA in Perth.


Benign Liver Cysts

A benign liver cyst is a form of sac filled with fluid.  Those cysts are benign. Patients will present single, multiple or extremely numerous cysts. Their size can vary from millimeters in diameter to over 20 centimeters in diameter. Most cysts do not require any treatment. However, in some cases, large cysts can create symptoms of discomfort in the upper part of the abdomen or they can compress the stomach/duodenum.  Those cysts can be opened laparoscopically and part their wall removed. This operation is called a fenestration. 

liver cysts

Sometimes a liver resection surgery may be necessary because of the anatomical position of the cysts. In rare and extreme cases of patients having numerous cysts throughout the liver, a liver transplant can be a last resort option as the liver is so large that the patient’s life can become extremely uncomfortable and limited.  

liver cysts

Our liver specialists and liver surgeons can help you organise the recommended tests, to get a clear understanding of your cysts and to plan for surgery if you experience any pain or discomfort.

Liver surgery

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Mr Suresh Navadgi & Prof Luc Delrivière

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Prof Gary Jeffrey & Dr Michael Wallace

Cystadenoma and cystadenocarcinoma

In some patients, the cyst they present with is coming from a chronic malformation of a bile duct. Those particular cysts are called cystadenoma. The fluid they contain has some bile and the wall of the cysts can be chronically inflamed. They do therefore have a small risk of becoming a cancer and the lesion is then called a cystadenocarcinoma. Therefore it is often recommended to operate the patient to remove those cysts as their malignant transformation is sometimes hard to detect.


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At The Liver Centre WA in Perth we believe that as a patient, you deserve world-class excellence, throughout our range of investigative, diagnostic and therapeutic services.  As a team of surgeons, dietitians and support staff we commit to the highest possible level of care and friendliness both before, during and after your treatment or surgery. We understand each patient’s needs through attentive and trusted communication and we never give up on your health.

If you have any questions about liver cysts or liver treatment in general, please contact The Liver Centre WA.


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