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This is an overview of the common gallbladder procedures performed by our team at The Liver Centre WA in Perth. We build on many years of experience in a wide range of gallbladder surgeries. That’s why we are confident that we deliver excellent surgical outcomes as well as a patient experience focusing on care, support and kindness. If you have any questions about gallstones or gallbladder removal, please contact our friendly reception team.


Gallbladder removal or cholecystectomy is a common procedure, with gallstones being one of the most frequent abdominal conditions in Australia. Gallstones can cause pain and discomfort, and occasionally they can cause an infection of the gallbladder (cholecystitis), long term apparition of polyps or gallbladder cancer. If they migrate in the main bile duct, they can also trigger an inflammation of the pancreas which in its turn can be life-threatening. That’s why, in most cases of gallstones, your specialist doctor will discuss a cholecystectomy or a removal of the gallbladder.

gallbladder surgery

The procedure can be an open surgery if you have had several abdominal operations but, in most cases,  it is a keyhole surgery. Sometimes a surgery is started as a keyhole procedure (laparoscopic) and may be converted into open surgery if the crucial points of anatomy are unclear due to inflammation or adhesions in your abdomen.  

gallbladder surgery

Your surgeon at The Liver Centre WA in Perth will discuss your procedure in full detail and our team will make sure that you receive the best possible care, clear information and support before, during and after your gallbladder surgery.

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At The Liver Centre WA we work as a team of expert surgeons, as well as hepatologists, gastro-enterologists and accredited dietitians.


Gallbladder & bile duct issues

Learn more about the gallbladder and bile ducts.

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Trans-cystic exploration of bile duct

If there is a suspicion of a gallstone being present in the main bile duct, an exploration of the main bile duct via the duct which links it to the gallbladder (cystic duct) can be used during the laparoscopic cholecystectomy to remove the stone. This is why it is important to see an experienced surgeon who specialises in liver, bile duct and gallbladder procedures. Here at The Liver Centre WA in Perth, some of WA’s leading surgeons in this specialised area are part of our team and we always commit to providing excellent care, support and comfort, if you need surgery.

gallbladder surgery

Open CBD exploration

An Open Common Bile Duct Exploration is the exploration of the bile duct done during open surgery. This surgery is nowadays only used for very large stones in the main bile duct which could not be removed by endoscopy. If you need surgery for stones in the bile duct, your surgeon here at The Liver Centre WA will take the time to discuss all suitable surgery options, depending on your personal situation and needs.

Gallbladder cancer surgery

Depending on the stage of the gallbladder cancer the surgery may be just the removal of the gallbladder or the removal of the gallbladder and the liver surrounding it.

gallbladder surgery

Sometimes resection of the right side of the liver, the gallbladder and common bile duct is necessary. Chemo and radiotherapy may also be part of the treatment.

All those surgeries and treatments can be organised at The Liver Centre WA.


Repair of bile duct injury post cholecystectomy

Bile duct injury can occur, although rarely, after a gallbladder removal (cholecystectomy). The injury may result in bile leakage and may require immediate repair after the gallbladder removal. Sometimes, the injury consequence is delayed and appears as a stricture in the duct. In both scenarios, a bile duct injury requires a specialised multi-disciplinary intervention and this is why it is important to have access to an experienced team of surgeons. Our colleagues often refer us these types of complex cases as they know our proven experience in treating these conditions successfully.

This is why, at The Liver Centre WA in Perth, we focus on a continuous effort to achieve excellence in surgical outcomes. And at the same time, we work together as a team of hepatologists, dietitians, specialist doctors and very experienced surgeons, to offer you genuine care and support. We believe that - when confronted with a health issue - you deserve the kindness and the total commitment of a team that never gives up on your health.


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