Alcohol Addiction

We realise that Addiction is devastating to many Australians suffering with it. 

The misuse of alcohol takes its toll on everyone.  If you are suffering from alcohol addiction, you are not alone. 

Alcohol and your liver

Our speciality is Liver Health. Regular, excessive drinking may result in a fatty liver,  which can in turn negatively affect your liver function.

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Continued excessive drinking may lead to your liver becoming inflamed. An inflamed liver may cause alcoholic hepatitis or permanent liver scarring (cirrhosis) and liver cancer.

We want to help you avoid this outcome. The sooner you make contact, the sooner we can support you back to good health. 

The Liver Center is in a unique position to help you. We are a medical practice with specialist doctors on stand-by to support you.  Our team of liver specialists are some of the best in the country. 

We Never Give Up On Your Health.  That’s our promise to you.


Let us help you

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Our counsellor and addictions specialist Jo Vallve is highly experienced is this area and can be available for an appointment within 24 hours.

Whether you prefer your consultation via phone call or face to face, Jo will discuss your needs in a comfortable, private and non-judgemental environment.

Your privacy is respected at all times.

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How we help you beat alcohol addiction

Change Your Relationship with Alcohol, change your life

We will discuss and develop a personalised treatment plan with you. This is specific to you and your individual relationship with alcohol.

Through our supportive therapy, we will help you to uncover and address any underlying issues that may have caused your addictive behaviour with alcohol.

You will learn to understand the triggers, manage cravings, develop healthy coping strategies and ultimately, commit to working towards a meaningful and fulfilling life free of addiction and gain back control.

We believe in successful outcomes and have achieved excellent results with many of our patients.

You’re not alone. We are with you every step of the way. We Never Give Up On Your Health.

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We treat patients from Perth, Western Australia at our practice in West Leederville.  

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